Collingwood Literature Lessons

lessons in Collingwood Ontario
Our 4 Teskey Court Collingwood location also happens to be the private residence of Damian Spaulding (visionary of the Spaulding School of Arts). Through this location: Music, Production and Software Development and other niche areas are successfully taught. To book a lesson directly with Damian Spaulding please use the contact page of this website. All lessons must be booked in advance. Book Today

Spaulding Teachers

Our Spaulding Teachers have been trained and are here to guide you in the world of literature. Read More

Spaulding Method

Spaulding Method
Teachers first start as "Teacher Apprentices" then graduate to full certification as a "Spaulding Method" teacher.  All teachers world-wide are also part of our continuous education process that ensures quality teaching standards world-wide. Read More

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