Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer has a personality that will captivate you!

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer is a storyteller and writer who is passionate about preserving the oral tradition of story telling. She has studied with Storytelling Toronto and currently belongs to the Dufferin Circle of Storytellers.

Although Jennifer promotes the preservation and sharing of traditional stories and folktales, she prefers to write most of the stories that she performs. Her stories range from reflections on everyday experiences to magical encounters in nature that, though fantastical, reveal something of the truth of our shared humanity.

So often, in the words of the poet T.S. Eliot, We had the experience, but missed the meaning. Stories allow us to pause, reflect, and ultimately find that meaning.

Jennifer’s background in English Literature and Librarianship enable her to draw from many sources as she guides students through the writing and storytelling process.

Jennifer presently teaches our Ancient Art of Storytelling program.

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