Ancient Art of Storytelling For Beginners

We are a storytelling species!

Story Telling

Storytelling is an interactive mode of communication that draws people together within the circle of their shared humanity.

Being able to tell engaging stories out loud whether for personal pleasure, social events or business marketing brings with it the following benefits:

  • Improves self confidence

  • Draws people together

  • Enables the teller to be more persuasive in many situations, including business

  • Develops leadership skills.

  • Helps people to articulate for themselves and others what is meaningful for them.

  • Great for family gatherings

  • Fun!

The art of storytelling has been passed on in every culture through shamans, poets, Medieval bards, Nordic “skalds,” and Irish “shaunachi,” just to name a few. Storytelling is as old as humankind!

Stories help us to make sense of our world. They bring us together in community. They preserve the past and provide hope for the future. They bring us out of ourselves and make our stories count. Stories can be mystical, funny, scary, intriguing. There is no limit to what our imaginations can create.

Although stories can be told through music, painting and other art forms, this series of workshops will focus on the oral tradition of storytelling. Using the spoken word, students will learn to create and tell their own stories. The goal of this course is to become a better communicator, find your story, and above all, have fun within a supportive circle of fellow storytellers.

Week 1 - Introduction

  • What is storytelling?

  • Why do we tell stories?

  • What makes a good story?

  • Fun with stories!

Week 2 - Writing the story, finding your voice.

  • Choosing a theme

  • Choosing a genre (funny, scary, mystery, personal, etc.)

  • Writing tips

Week 3 – Storytelling techniques

  • Voice, enunciation and projection.

  • To gesture or not to gesture.

  • Managing the physical world of the story or “I thought the mountain was on the right?”

Week 4 - The Grand Performance

  • Practicing your story with another person

  • Telling your story!

General Notes

  1. Four week course.

  1. Two hours per week except for Week 4 which will be three hours.

  1. As some stories may contain personal content, all students are expected to keep what they hear within the group confidential.

  1. Teacher will be available to provide private assistance (via email or private booking) to any students who need help any part of the story writing or telling process.

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