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Is there a minimum enrollment period?
No, but the Spaulding School of Cuisine there is no minimum enrolment.  It has come for one class or stay for an entire year.

It's so many decisions how do I choose?
Not to worry, with each and every student we build a custom profile for learning.  Our teachers will consult with you and gain an understanding of what you would like to achieve; then we will design a course experience that will deliver on what you want to learn.
Just let us know your desires and we will help you choose.

Where are classes located?
At present we have access to kitchen facilities in Barrie and Collingwood.  We also perform classes in the comfort of your own home.

How much is each class?
Each class is dependent upon the size of the group and what you desire to learn.  Please contact us for more information.  We do try to keep things as affordable is possible.

How will I know what food to buy for each class?
Don't worry we will take care of all fo that for you.

How long is each class?
Each class depeds on the size of the group and what is being learned.  We can perform standard 1.5 hour class experiences, or we can create a marathon 8 hour day in order to dig deep in the cuisine experience.  The end result is truly up to you.

How I get started?
Simply contact us using the contact form our website and one of our teachers will be in touch with you soon


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